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Who we are


Two friends that were born in Porto Formoso, passionate about nature, sea and that strive to give visitor a taste of local and artisanal experiences in the sea along the dramatic north coast of São Miguel island in Azores. Our skipper - Paulo Jorge - as been a professional fisherman in Porto Formoso since he was born, his father is a firsherman and his grandfather was a fisherman. Bruno is our guide, also feeling the northern shore of São Miguel island since he was born, travels the world but always returns to this picturesque village.

What we do


We do sea experiences in an traditional fishing boat along the northern coast of the island of São Miguel leaving the picturesque village of Porto Formoso. We promote fishing with several artisanal fishing gear and we support diving activities.

Our experiences and tours are conducted by local experts, because no one better than a local to capture the essence of this beatiful area of the island.

Our history

HáMar is a dream born long time ago. It all started with some random tours with friends and tourists some years ago. People kept asking for more so we felt that would be a nice ideia to start a local business.

HáMar in portuguese language means literally "there is sea" but also contains three words "há","amar" and "mar" which meanings are "there is", "loving" and "sea". HáMar word tries to translate our love by the sea. 

HáMar started operations in 2016.

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